Bunbury Publishing LTD Creative Anthology Volume 1: 2016


Bunbury Publishing Ltd speak for the little person. It’s a way for that little person to have their words read by others. It’s been an e magazine release up until now, with a pay what you want model in place, so even the stingiest can enjoy a wide range of short stories, poetry, flash fiction, art and interviews. With twelve issues in tow, there is a lot of content to keep long nights short and empty days full. 

Though there is something to be said for the physical format. Holding a pile of pages certainly offers a weighty satisfaction, and for many, it’s hard to feel like a true writer till their words are in print. Bunbury have trawled through the hundreds of pages to pick out a selection that have been deemed worthy of making it through a printing machine, and lo and behold, Bunbury Publishing LTD Creative Anthology Volume 1: 2016 has been born.

It contains the best, and somehow two of my stories have made it through too! Surely a mistake, but hey, I’m not complaining! There is horror, comedy, politics, beauty and beasts. It’s eclectic, it never misses a beat. That’s how it should be, that’s how it always is in this anthology. For us writers, words are often all we have, so here they are all in one place. Please consume them till you’re full.

To submit or to read, check out Bunbury Publishing’s website at https://bunburymagazine.com/ today. Or tomorrow, there is no gun pointing at your face. Hopefully there will be a nice juicy link button on the site soon so you can go and order one of these. I have two.

UPDATE: You can turn real pages here
You can turn digital pages here


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