Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 2 – Battle Tendency Volume 2

jojo 2 2Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 2 – Battle Tendency Volume 2
Release Date: 18th February 2016 
Author: Hirohiko Araki
Publisher: Viz 

It’s taken over thirty years for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to see a true release in the UK. The third part ‘Stardust Crusaders’ took the trip over, but that was all. Maybe it seemed like too much of a large undertaking for publisher Viz to bother with, seeing as the series now has over 100 volumes worth of fighting, or maybe Jojo was simply just too bizarre? (though we did get Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo) Whatever the reason was, it no longer matters. Thanks to a recent resurgence in the franchise, largely thanks to the anime series, we’re getting more Jojo than ever before!  Continue reading